The Vivo X90 will include a 120W fast charger and a Density 9200 chipset.

The Vivo X90 will have a Dimensity 9200 chipset and be able to charge quickly with 120W.

The Vivo X90 series will come out in December. The top model, the X90 Pro+, will have a camera of the highest quality and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset.

Today, we also learned more about the vanilla version, which is the basic version of the vivo X90. The basic vivo X90 will support charging at 120W and will run on the Dimensity 9200 chipset.

The Digital Chat Station on Weibo is the source of the rumored specifications, and they also revealed that the screen will be 1.5K. People often mistakenly label 1220p panels as having a resolution of 1.5K.

Prior to the release of the vivo X90, only the Pro variants of the X series featured water and dust protection. Because of this, the vivo X90 is the first standard smartphone in the X series to get an IP rating.

A benchmark we were able to see earlier today showed a 26% increase in raw performance. Its Dimension 9200 chipset isn’t available to the general public yet, but it is.

There have been rumors that the Vivo X90’s battery capacity will be raised to 4,700 mAh, and the company has confirmed this.



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