Samsung’s Maintenance mode blocks data while your phone is serviced.

Samsung’s maintenance mode allows you to block access to your data while your phone is in service.

After a successful rollout in Korea and China, Samsung is bringing maintenance mode to the rest of the world.

This capability is “repair mode.” In Korea, this will temporarily prevent access to data stored on your phone. Only then can maintenance be carried out.

At first, “select models” of the Galaxy S21 and S22 series with the new One UI 5 software will be able to use maintenance mode.

All of Samsung’s Galaxy devices will eventually get the update, which is rolling out throughout 2023.

If your device is one of the lucky ones to get this update, you can find the feature under the Settings menu > Battery and device care. When you put your phone into maintenance mode and restart it, the person fixing it won’t be able to access any of your data. Also, they won’t be able to get any of the programs you have on your device.

When you turn off maintenance mode, your device will delete all the information and accounts created during that time, as well as any Galaxy Apps you downloaded during that time.

To leave this mode, you must first authenticate with your fingerprint by tapping on the quick settings icon. The phone immediately returns to normal operation.

We think this is great in theory, but you should check with your neighborhood repair shop to make sure they don’t routinely hard reset devices upon receipt and/or release.



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